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Choosing A Good Reference Photo

The better quality your image, the more detail can be included in your portrait. When choosing the perfect photo of your beloved pet there are a few things to consider:

  • Image Resolution - Has your picture been taken on a low resolution camera? Is the image blurry when zoomed in?

  • Lighting - Is the entire subject visible and in good light? Are there too many shadows?

  • True eye colour - Does the photo reflect the true eye colour of your pet? Can you see the detail of the eyes?

  • Visible Fur - Are you able to see the direction of the fur, or is the image too blurry?

  • Character - Does the photo capture their true character? 

  • Distance from the camera - Is the subject too close or far away from the camera?

Bad Lighting
Good Lighting
Good Fur Detail
Good Pose
Not Blurry When Zoomed
Out of Focus